Formed in 1900, TAOS Musical Theatre has celebrated over 100 years of consistent on stage presence and as such is one of the oldest theatrical societies in existence.

Throughout it's history, TAOS Muscial Thetare has been a regular winner of both NODA, Rose Bowl and Somerset Fellowship of Drama awards and being part of TAOS, whether on stage, as part of our production team, or front of house is a great stepping-stone for those who wish to join the professional theatre world.


In the words of our local NODA representative, TAOS is “HOT HOT HOT”!

Join Us!

We welcome new members to come along and join the society, but TAOS is not just singing and dancing. There is a huge range of other skills and activities needed to help put on a successful show – such as costume, make-up, props, and other black gang duties – so come along, join us and get involved you will be most welcome! 

Active Members for £15 annual membership you can audition for any part in our 2 annual shows. If on-stage isn't for you, we also have an enthusiastic back stage crew participating in black gang, props, costumes, make-up! Whatever you fancy.

Associate Members,  No need to take part on stage or behind the scenes, but for just £5 annual membership you will receive priority booking for every show ahead of the general public. 

For more information please contact us!